About Us

Who we are

Who We Are

See Suydam Agency Inc. is a 5-generation family-owned business that has existed for more than a hundred years. From our headquarters in College Point, New York, we supply our customers and communities with quality and reliable real estate and insurance solutions. Starting as a real estate company, Suydam Agency Inc. expanded to insurance services to provide a seamless solution for many of our clients.

We stand For

What We Stand For

Over the years, we’ve evolved to meet our clients’ needs, while retaining our core values passed down from generation-to-generation. We value honesty and good work ethic, knowing that our community de-pends on us. With 100+ years of experience, we’ve grown with our clients and community, supporting and serving them in any way we can.


What We Offer

At Suydam Agency Inc, we render a wide range of real estate services such as sales, rentals, and appraisals. We also offer insurance services, including home, auto, commercial, and bonds covering buildings, warehouses, restaurants, cars, boats, surety bonds, pension, permits, and more. As a people-centric agency with a significant pedigree, we always seek to provide the right coverage for our customers’ needs at the best rate possible.