Homeowners Insurance


Home is the Real Deal

Off to work? Away on a business trip? Hanging out at your favorite spot? No matter where you go, your home will always be your final stop. And you’ve put time, energy, and money to making it feel like home. At Suydam Agency Inc, our priority is to ensure that your home is ever inviting and secure. Learn about our home insurance policy to covers damages or loss due to a rainstorm, hurricane, fire, and other natural disasters. Your property, including valuable arts and jewelry, may also be protected. Learn about policies that will take care of damages or loss to home contents due to burglary, theft, power surges, and other disasters. For us, your home is the real deal.


We Are Your Sure Lifeline

Customer satisfaction remains paramount to us. Our special offer gives you a percentage of cashback after a specific time without a claim. At the same time, we also pay liability for third party losses up to a certain percentage of the total sum insured. When we receive notification of your claims, we swing swiftly into action. We are your sure lifeline.


We’ve Earned the Loyalty.

Our team at Suydam Agency Inc. is known for integrity and service. That is why we have retained some of our clients’ loyalty for over 60 years, serving them with quality home insurance solutions. Because our customers are an integral part of the agency, we take care of what matters most. Therefore, the peace they enjoy always endears us to them.


Our Kind Agents

Our insurance agents are eager to partner with you to develop a comprehensive, workable, and affordable policy that suits your need. They will hear out your needs, filter your worries, and turn them into a feasible insurance solution.

Contact Our Team

Our customer care representatives are here for you. Contact us and our agents will walk along side you and answer all your questions. Contact our team today!