Surety Bonds


When You Default, We Keep You Afloat

Do you possess a municipal bond or asset-backed security? Have you examined the stability of the market? When you’ve done all that you need to do and still default, that is where we come in. We ensure all principal and interest accrued are paid to your bondholders. Whether distress, recession, or COVID, our various bonds will help keep you financially secure.


It is a Win, Win for You

Invest in a market and ensure a return with a surety bond, binding three parties together to guarantee a financial payout. Suydam Agency Inc. will help you learn about all the opportunities available to you such as Pension, Liquor, License & permit and Street Obstruction bonds.


Your Partner in Creditworthiness

For more than 100 years, our experts at Suydam Agency Inc. have consistently increased our clients’ financial stability and credit rating. With our financial integrity, we have made our clients low-risk bond issuers, thus increasing their investment. Our team will work with you to choose the best surety bond for you.


Our Agents

Our experienced insurance agents will chart a course and develop a customized policy for you that is workable and budget-friendly. They are well informed to advise you appropriately and get you the right deal to keep you afloat.

We Are Reachable

Our customer care representatives are here for you. Contact us and our agents will walk along side you and answer all your questions. Contact our team today!